That is much too late. Need that number and we need to figure out a way to share that number with Calgarians well in advance of them casting a ballot. Olympic committee spent part of Tuesday meeting discussing public comments made by Calgary Centre MP Kent Hehr last week suggesting the federal government would wait until after the plebiscite to share its figures.RelatedMayor about timing of Olympic agreement as city launches public engagementCity report on Calgary Olympic bid highlights several looming risksCalgary one of three cities remaining in 2026 Olympic bid raceNenshi said he was by Hehr comments, but said the city has since confirmed that Ottawa won wait that long to clarify its commitment.we heard is they are going to release the number before the plebiscite it just their timing is, for me, too close to the plebiscite, he said.Advance polls for the Olympic plebiscite are scheduled for Nov.

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