Weiner on immortality Why Evolution Is True

Canada Goose sale Caturday felid: the canada goose outlet london missing lynxIn canada goose outlet store toronto tomorrow New York Times book section, Abraham Verghese reviews Jonathan Weiner new book, Long For This World. It about the science of ageing, dealing canada goose outlet new york city with canada goose jacket outlet toronto its physiology, genetics, and evolution (there a NYT podcast/interview here). The book is apparently centered on gerontologist Aubrey de Grey. Canada Goose sale

It a positive review, which is good. As a science journalist, Weiner is up there with Carl Zimmer as someone who really grasps the science he writing about, though Weiner prose sometimes canada goose parka uk shades, canada goose jacket outlet uk as is common in science journalism, towards the purple.

canada goose black friday sale I did a double take when I first read this excerpt: canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online Yet evolution has equipped us with bodies and instincts designed only to get us to a reproductive age canada goose outlet and not beyond. «We get old because our ancestors died young,» Weiner writes. «We get old because old age had so little weight in the scales of evolution; because there were never canada goose outlet sale enough Old Ones around to count for much in the scales.» Canada Goose online

canada goose factory sale But then I realized that what Weiner means by old is not an increase in goose outlet canada years, but the phenomenon of senescence those changes in the body that occur with ageing. He apparently referring to two evolutionary theories of senescence: we fall apart because mutations that make us fall apart were never selected against in canada goose jacket outlet store our ancestors, who had a limited life span (the accumulation theory); and the idea that natural selection might have promoted the accumulation of mutations that trade off increased reproduction when you canada goose outlet us young with degeneration when you old (the pleiotropy theory). In both cases a high mortality in ancestors canada goose outlet ontario (due to disease, accidents, malnutrition and the like) could favor the evolution of senescence in descendants. canada goose factory sale

canada goose store I must say that it not much consolation to realize that the aches and pains that start afflicting us around age 35 are the byproducts of natural selection. canada goose store

cheap canada goose uk To be nitpicky, re: fall apart because mutations that make us fall apart were never selected against in our ancestors would imply that there was an earlier state where H sapiens et ux lived longer, which doesn seem to have ever been the case. Most people over 40 aren going to have any more children, and most people over 60 aren going to contribute much in the way of heavy work (like hunting with a spear). cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Jackets I heard of the theory (sort of like the gay uncle theory someone to help with babysitting), but I sure there are other hypothoses I unfamiliar with. My favorite uncle retired at 60 and lasted until a couple of months ago aat 93. I glad he did, but I see no obvious evolutionary benefit. Canada Goose Jackets

That just humans fighting nature so well. Even before modern medicine some people lived to be very old, but those were rare cases. Now that we can warm the globe in winter, warm the globe in summer (while cooling the house), import food, and treat or even eradicate numerous diseases, growing old is becoming more common for many humans. If you visit societies without all the modern comforts such as in Africa, Asia, and the nomands of the high northern latitudes, you see people generally don get half as old.

canada goose uk black friday Very old individuals serve as canada goose vest outlet repositories for knowledge in in particular, knowledge of rare events. This is especially important in a culture lacking the written word (which was all human cultures until only very recently, and all animal societies even today). It the very old individual who going to remember which water hole never goes dry even in the worst drought, for instance. Perhaps that knowledge is of enough evolutionary benefit to act as a positive selection pressure in favor of a longer (abet not immortal) post reproductive life? canada goose uk black friday

canada goose coats on sale Also, one perplexing factor, which may or may not be accounted for in grandparenting theories and similar, is that maximum age is rumored to be rather constant. the oldest greeks and romans could well have been comparable to canada goose outlet near me our own. (But we have a much higher population to draw individuals from, so we populate the tail of the age distribution better, we have more extreme examples.) canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose Now canada goose outlet paypal this is only rumor AFAIU, but it would be interesting to follow up, and canada goose outlet belgium if correct see the consequences on canada goose parka outlet uk respective theories. canada goose outlet online do they predict that?) cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket I not sure the graph does (or rather, I not sure I understand what you deriving from it). We live much canada goose outlet online store longer than cats and dogs, true but we also live much longer than many larger animals (such as cattle and horses) and some small animals (parrots) are also quite long lived, so body size isn the sole determinant. Neither canada goose outlet uk fake is canada goose outlet vancouver level of predation; we, like elephants, don face much, but parrots do, and they just as long lived. Metabolic rate can be the major factor, either; while some reptiles (which have generally low metabolic rates) are long lived, others are not. And birds have a higher metabolic rate than mammals do, but that doesn keep parrots from being long lived. About the only thing we can say for sure is that at least for mammals and birds, extremely long life is correlated with canada goose outlet factory high general intelligence https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca but is that the chicken or the egg? Both New World and Old World monkeys are extremely bright as animals go, but most species don have exceptionally long lifespans (certainly not as their cousins the great apes). points to this fact, that a larger encephalon favours a longer lifespan, but it is equally possible that a canada goose outlet online uk longer life favours the development of larger brains, researchers assure. Thus, it is possible that a longer life works in favour of a delay in reproductive cycles and this would in turn allow progenitors to invest more resources and time in caring for their offspring. This also leads to the formation of stable social groups whose members, according to the Social Intelligence Hypothesis (SIH), must deal with more cognitive demands than animals living alone, and this would be the reason for larger brains. a large statistical sample of 500 species, so the data should be safe regardless of all those funny hypotheses.) buy canada goose jacket

Second, it is to my satisfaction that swedish researchers have found that motor development is highly conserved in primates:

to the onset of walking counts from conception and not from birth, indicating that mechanisms underlying motor development constitute a functional continuum from pre to postnatal life. [ Our findings do suggest, nevertheless, that a strong link between the timing of brain development and the timing of motor development may constitute the basis for a fundamental ontogenetic pattern of early life history shared by a wide range of placental mammals, some of which diverged in phylogenesis as long as 100 million years ago. This pattern, which therefore may be traced back before the evolution of primates, appears to be recognizable also in humans despite the fact that humans differ from other mammals in so many respects. if this is the dominant characteristic, explaining the mechanism of gestation in our species, we are not exactly neotenous (retaining juvenile characteristics). We have a shortened (aborted) gestation to allow for a larger brain vs the female pelvis.

canada goose uk shop The conservation of motor development is likely the dominant mechanism, it predicts what we see. I believe it may inaugurate the reverse to neoteny: isn then the ability to recognize and respond to faces much accelerated in our development compared to other apes? canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Parka So in sum I guess the conclusion, if the research is good, is that brain size doesn contribute but retract from early neoteny. But contribute to our perception of it. [Cue cute baby faces.] Canada Goose Parka

But as in Hollywood, we may beware of the return of The canada goose outlet reviews Brain (or other stuff) on Neoteny II (Later Neoteny)!? Again, it canada goose outlet store calgary biology.

canadian goose jacket I am no specialist, but I guess that old age is just a byproduct of the fact that our bodies must decay slowly, so we wont die all of a sudden, before generating and raising our offspring. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale There no reason to expect that our bodies should last forever, since natural selection doesn require a very long life span. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap There no reason either to expect them to decay quickly after reproductive age, since the potential duration of our lives has nothing to do with our reproductive canada goose outlet toronto location capacity. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Online As natural selection doesn interfere with nothing besides the number of descendants we can produce and take care of, decay is just the natural wear and tear of the material. Canada Goose Online

So that a perfect statement of the is not selected against therefore it happens view. But consider another idea; there is a limited amount of resources to go around and if new, young creatures are all that evolution about then it entirely possible for group selection effects (or if you don like Eliot Sober, the geneocentric proxy of group selection effects) to actively promote the senescence of agents after they produced sufficient offspring. It would presumably be necessary for the fitness gained by having more offspring to be outstripped by the cost to those offspring by continuing to consume resources which (at least, intuitively, to me) suggests there would have to be some rudimentary senescence going on anyway (as Coyne mentioned, accidents and disease perhaps) but the odd thought is that under these circumstances evolutionary canada goose outlet woodbury pressure would promote the senescence of the agents for the good of the offspring, ala Logan Run, and therefore in a weak sense aging/senescence might have evolved (or more strictly; been evolutionarily enhanced).