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uk canada goose The Chapel Hill murdersI received a ton of email from readers alerting me to various pieces about canada goose outlet reviews the murder of the three young people, all Muslims, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Their names: Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23; Barakat wife Yusor Mohammad Abu Salha, 21; and Abu Salha sister Razan, 19. The implication is that I shouldsay something about the killings, as they were apparently committed by an atheist, and that we have to somehow exculpate ourselves, or explain ourselves, or indictthat aspectof the atheist that is responsible for what many see as goose outlet canada a hate crime.I can do none of these things, for there is simply not enough information about haydar-furniture.com what happened, about the killer motivations, about whether he had an animus towards Muslims that was somehow inspired by atheism, or whether it was one of those frequent spur canada goose outlet parka of the moment killings that occur over minor altercations.Instead, I look at canada goose outlet store photos like this, of Yusor dancing with her father at her wedding, and it brings me to tears:Likewise with this vigil held Wednesday at the Universityof North Carolina at Chapel Hill:Photo by Travis Dove for The New York TimesWhat we have are three young people, all with aspirations to help others, cut down in the full flood of their young lives uk canada goose.