Multimodal transportation

Container transport at the moment is one of the most common types of transportation of goods. Such popularity is explained by the economy of the method. Thanks to the versatility of container transportations, this method has become the main one with a multimodal transportation scheme: by rail, road, water and even by air.

Increasingly, customers when choosing the method of transportation pay their attention to container shipping, because in this case, the safety of the content is almost 100%. Of course, this indicator may vary slightly depending on the nature of the cargo being transported, but at the moment there is no worthy competitor for container transportation.

Мультимодальные перевозки

Routes of transport-expeditionary services of the company LLC «Trans Center»

The company LLC «Trans Center» provides quality services for a whole range of freight forwarding services. Such high indicators of reliability and quality became possible thanks to the professional cooperation of all the labor units of LLC «Trans Center». It does not matter what type of transportation you need: Container transportation in Ukraine, other CIS countries, Asia or Europe — you will always be satisfied with the result!

Transportation of containers by our company is carried out on the following routes:

  • Corridor «East-West»: in the direction of the CIS countries — Kazakhstan — Russia — Ukraine — Europe;

  • Corridor «South-North»: in the direction China-India-Russia-Ukraine-Europe

  • Corridor «Treseca»: in the direction of the CIS countries — Turkmenistan — Azerbaijan — Georgia — Ukraine — Europe.

Such a service will be enjoyed by the owners of companies and enterprises that transport large wholesale lots of goods. Thanks to the variety of containers, the delivery of goods of both small and large-scale batches of products of any kind will be carried out as reliably as possible and in the shortest possible time. It is this circumstance that makes our company incredibly popular with small and medium-sized business owners.