Transportation and Logistics

The company «Trans Center» is engaged in the organization and transportation of cargo by rail. Our company has been operating in this market for more than five years. During this time we have formed a staff of highly qualified specialists who will be able to answer all your questions. The accumulated experience and the pursuit of excellence allow us to organize rail transportation throughout the Eurasian continent.

Железнодорожные перевозки
Железнодорожные перевозки

Experience and professionalism

We provide freight forwarding services for the transportation of a variety of goods from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Asia and Europe, and in the opposite direction. The business projects developed by us help in the best way (safely and expeditiously) to carry out railway transportation to almost every point in the East and West.

Why we

Thanks to the developed logistics and the availability of a wide range of railway cars (standard railway wagons, cisterns, railway platforms for the transport of containers), the company «Trans Center» stands out prominently among the companies performing rail transportation of goods in Ukraine.

The company «Trans Center» has direct contracts with «Ukrzaliznytsya», SE «Ukrainian Transport-Logistic Center», JSC «Russian Railways», which reduces your costs for cargo transportation.

Железнодорожные перевозки
Железнодорожные перевозки

International railway transportation

The priority direction of our company is international rail transportation, which is determined by the favorable geographical location of Ukraine. The carriages of our company can be seen all over the Eurasian continent. In addition, the company LLC «Trans Center» can perform international rail transport in the following transport corridors:


  • Corridor «North-South» — in the direction of Europe — Russia — Turkmenistan — Uzbekistan
  • The corridor «West-East» — in the direction of Europe — Russia — Kazakhstan — Uzbekistan
  • Corridor «Traceka» — in the direction of Europe — Georgia — Azerbaijan — Turkmenistan — Uzbekistan


  • Corridor «North-South» — in the direction of Europe — Russia — Kazakhstan
  • Corridor «West-East» — in the direction of Europe — Russia — Kazakhstan
  • Corridor «Traceca» — in the direction of Europe — Georgia — Azerbaijan — Kazakhstan

Oversized cargo

One of the most demanded services is railway transportation of oversized cargo. To carry out the transportation of oversized cargo, certain operations are performed that provide the best conditions for the transport of goods both internationally and within the country.
The services that Trans Center provides for the organization for transportation of oversized cargo include:

  • Execution of documents for cargo
  • Approval and development of cargo fastening and loading schemes
Железнодорожные перевозки
  • Harmonization and approval of conditions and special routes for transportation of oversized cargo
  • Loading and unloading of cargoes based on the requirements of the Technical Conditions
  • The organization and supply of the necessary special rolling stock (4,8,12,24,32 — axle conveyors, specialized platforms) to the station from which the cargo will be shipped
  • Obtaining permits for transportation of oversized cargoes was carried out in accordance with existing norms and rules, and according to a pre-planned route
Железнодорожные перевозки


Railway forwarding

Another popular service provided by our company is the transportation of heavy loads and railway freight forwarding.

Another advantage of our company is that the company «Trans Center» has an agreement with Ukrzaliznytsya (South-West, Lviv, Odessa, South, Donetsk, Pridneprovskaya railways) for the movement of trains in all directions, which significantly reduces the financial costs of our customers.

High quality services

Our company is capable of shipping any kind of cargo, both internationally and by domestic communication. The company’s activity in freight forwarding extends to the European and Asian markets. In addition, we constantly cooperate with recognized leading forwarding companies, which contributes to our improvement and facilitates the transportation and freight forwarding. Also, cooperation with world companies involves knowledge and implementation of legislative norms for transit, export-import shipments to the countries of Asia and Europe. Another «plus» of such cooperation is the minimum price for transportation and forwarding of various cargoes.

Supply of rolling stock

Supply of rolling stock

On the territory of Ukraine we have the opportunity to submit the following types of trains with the corresponding wagons:

Specialized rolling stock (cement carriers, grain carriers, cisterns, wagon-hoppers);
Universal rolling stock (gondola cars, platforms, covered wagons).
Our company has a huge experience in transportation of oversized, heavy cargoes by means of railway transport, which in comparison with other modes of transport is the most profitable.

Железнодорожные перевозки

Company wagons

The company «Trans Center» provides delivery of cars for loading (both leased and own) to the Baltic States, the CIS, Asia, while our specialists monitor the serviceability of the wagons supplied, their reliability and efficiency.