Benefits and convenience

The most popular type of cargo transportation around the world is road transport. More than 70% of cargo between Ukraine and the EU is carried out by road. Using the flexibility, speed, availability of this type of cargo, the company «Trans Center» offers its partners a wide range of services, including the transportation of containers, oversized, dangerous, cargo requiring compliance with the temperature regime, trucking in tent haul trains.

Advantage of this type of transportation, in comparison with rail and sea transport, is not the attachment of transport to a certain route. This allows you to optimally plan the movement of your goods, carry out associated transportation, or simply make stops at the necessary points on the way to the destination, if the customer will need it.

Types of services

  • International and domestic transportation
  • Registration in the port or unloading from the railway transport;
  • Transportation of export, import cargoes
  • Transportation of standard, heavy, oversized cargo
  • Protection of transported goods
  • Cargo insurance
  • Continuous monitoring of cargo location
  • Coordination of all flights by professional dispatchers
Международные перевозки

International road transport

In work with its clients, the company «Trans Center», using an individual approach to each order, provides quality services for both domestic and international freight. Using the accumulated experience of work, a wide partner network, professionalism of staff, including logistics departments, the company «Trans Center» will become a reliable link in your business. Contacting our consultants, or leaving an online application, the client specifies only the particulars of the cargo being transported, the place of departure and the destination, all the rest will be offered to you by our freight specialists.

In the international freight transport market, road transport plays a key role, being an integral part of sea, rail and air transportation, delivering cargo to ports and railway stations. Using all the opportunities and advantages of this type of transportation, our company guarantees the provision of quality services for the delivery of your cargoes intact and safe at an extremely low cost. At any time you can apply for data on the status and location of your cargo and any other information.

Oversized cargo

We guarantee absolute reliability of cargo transportation at all stages of this process. Our employees are highly qualified specialists with considerable experience of successful work and the ability to navigate in the dynamically changing conditions of both the Ukrainian and international transport market.

Негабаритные перевозкии
Автомобильные перевозки

International road transport

Oversized transportation is a range of services for organizing and carrying your cargo, including route planning, calculation of all parameters and supply of an automobile platform with the necessary equipment for loading and unloading cargo, processing documents for cargo and obtaining all necessary permits for its transportation along the planned route .


LLC «Trans Center» has extensive experience in the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo by road. Automobile transportation of oversized cargo over long distances is not the cheapest option, as compared to railway types of transportation of oversized cargo, but more flexible, since they are not tied to a railway canvas. Often, road haulage of oversized cargo is used in conjunction with other types to achieve the greatest mobility.